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Seller Policy

  • The sellers should upload their product in the seller system themselves.
  • Stock, Rate and Order must be managed by the seller themselves.
  • As the order is placed, Nepal Easy Shopping will pick up the products from the seller after confirmation from the customer and deliver them to the customer.
  • Some goods will have to be delivered by seller themselves. This will be done by mutual understanding.
  • The seller will have to issue, either a VAT bill or PAN bill invoice in the name of the customer for the sold goods.
  • The seller is held responsible in a case the goods are sold to the customer without issuing invoice.
  • While keeping the rate of the product in seller system, the seller should also add the commission to be received by Nepal Easy Shopping.
  • The invoice of the commission amount taken by Nepal Easy Shopping will be provided to the seller.
  • If the buyer wants to return the goods, the return should be accepted by the seller within seven days if the condition of the good sold is same as before.
  • The seller will be paid online within seven days after the delivery of goods to the customers.
  • The commission to be received by the seller will depend upon the product.
  • The commission will be levied to the seller only on the items sold.
  • In the case of warranty on the goods issued by the seller, they themselves are to be accountable. In case of any defect in the products, Nepal Easy Shopping will provide the contact number of the seller to the costumer.